New photo with children to celebrate Father’s Day

Danneel shared a new photo of Jensen with their children with a message for Father’s Day, which is celebrated today in USA.

@danneelackles512: “Happy Father’s Day @jensenackles Thank you for always being an example of love for our children. You are kind, thoughtful and strong, in all the ways ❤️ #fathersday”

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Jensen has text in a new book about Supernatural

From the same editor of Family Don’t End With Blood, Lynn Zubernis, this year a new book about Supernatural was published with the title There’ll Be Peace When You Are Done which includes texts from fans and actors about the end of the show. There is also a text of Jensen which you can read below, in a excerpt shared by Entertainment Weekly. The book can be bought on Amazon.

What will I miss about playing Dean? I’ll miss his badassery. As a functioning person in society, you don’t really get to do the things that Dean does. I will miss walking into a room with all the confidence in the world and lopping off a vampire’s head or throwing a ’67 Impala into a reverse 180. I’ll miss all those cool things that we got to do. And along with the badassery, I’ll miss the humility that is also peppered into these characters. I think that balance is what makes them real to us and what makes them real to the fans. You can’t just have someone who’s always a badass and never breaks. There has to be that balance and that vulnerability. I think being able to play those two extremes is cathartic for us as actors, and I will miss being able to do that. It has been a privilege to play a character like Dean who has inspired so many people, because any excuse to give up is not an excuse that is good enough for the Winchesters. This is who they are. They fought because they believed in what they were fighting for, and that’s a part of the show that people connect with—to keep fighting the good fight, not giving up because the odds are stacked against you. Supernatural embodies that kind of resilience. I think Dean’s legacy is that he never gives up. He keeps fighting no matter what. The show carries the message to always keep fighting for each other, and that has inspired the fandom to keep fighting too, whatever fight they are facing.

I don’t think we’ll ever say goodbye to these characters. They’re woven into the fabric of our makeup and who we are as individuals. I think for many years we have pulled from aspects of our own personalities and our own selves to craft our characters, so it all comes from a place that is within us already. It’s gonna be really tough hanging up those boots and hanging up the keys to the Impala. I’ve been doing this the majority of my adult life, and it’s been quite a ride. This show changed our lives fifteen years ago, it’s changed our lives several times since, and we will never be the same.


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Jensen talks about education in racial inequality

In the last days, racial issues have been discussed in different points of the world, mainly in USA, after George Floyd murder. Jensen and Danneel have been sharing material to support the movement Black Lives Matter. More recently, Jensen left a message about the importance of education about racial issues during childhood, sharing a photo of his daughters. Below you can find additional information the Ackles couple has shared.

So many amazing sources of education have flooded SM, from books to articles to videos and stories. It’s important to continue to listen and learn as adults. Meanwhile, as a father of three young children…I not only want to further educate myself on inequality, prejudicial injustice and overall race issues, but also source the tools that will help me educate my kids on these topics. We don’t wait for our children to ask us to read…we provide those learning opportunities in advance. Why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to race. If children can learn racism…they can learn anti-racism. The one they learn…is on us. In an effort not to flood you with a laundry list of material, I found one article that spoke to me and provided suggestions of additional articles and books. (Link in bio). We can do better. We must do better. *Zeppelin not pictured…Oddly enough he’s a bit camera shy. #blacklivesmatter

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LEGO challenge postponed and conversation about racial inequality

In the light of the murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis police and the protests in USA, the LEGO challenge organized by GISH which was scheduled for yesterday was postponed.

However, Jensen and Danneel joined Misha to listen to activists in a conversation transmitted live talking about racial inequality and injustice. You can watch it below.

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Jensen and Danneel ask for volunteers for food banks

Jensen and Danneel left a message asking Texans to help food banks if they can which are particularly important in these pandemic times.

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Ackles and Collins families together at LEGO challenge

In behalf of Misha’s project – GISH (The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt) – Ackles and Collins families will join a livestream for a LEGO challenge.

As usual with GISH, the fans can join the challenge scheduled to May 30. All registration entries will be donated to families in need. For more information click here.

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Jensen helps at Family Business Beer Company

The brewery Family Business Beer Company started to produce beer cans and Jensen has been helping in the production. Jensen appears at the end of the second video below.

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