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News about ‘Family Business Beer Company’

As we announced a few weeks ago, Jensen will open a business of craft beer in Austin called Family Business Beer Company. Yesterday and today the business’ social networks were promoted by Jensen, where they announced that the store will open this Spring: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

And apparently, the company’s slogan was inspired in a well known quote of the TV show Supernatural:

“Serving people…fermented things. The Family Business Beer Company”

9/Feb/2017 Daniela Godinho 10 comments
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10 responses to “News about ‘Family Business Beer Company’”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I am a craft beer lover in BC, Canada. I am hoping to get a hold of this! Is there a plan to sell it in Canada….because that would be hella awesome.

  2. cassandra balek says:

    what the name of the beer?

    • Daniela Godinho says:

      The company is called Family Business Beer Company. The names of each beer were not released yet. We’ll have more news in the summer I think.

  3. Mayfed says:

    I wish to see those beers in Poland

  4. Karyn Hilton says:

    Anything Jensen makes I will buy. It will be a big success! Congrats.

  5. Jill Toy says:

    Here in Topeka Kansas we have two beer tasting events each June that distributers of craft beer come from all over and promote their beers through stations where people come up with sampler glasses to taste the different beers. One event is Brew at the Zoo and the other is Tap That Topeka. They are awesome events and I would love for this next year to see the Family Business Beer Company attend these events! Please consider this and good luck with your new endeavor :)

  6. Russell Patrick says:

    I would love to come and try the beers out! Only a few hours away hopefully I can make the trip!

  7. Katy Douget says:

    Any news on an opening date?

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