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Video of Jensen starts Gishwhes item

The annual scavenger hunt organized by Misha Collins, gishwhes, has already began and this year, a video of Jensen playing golf with Jared started one of the challenges. The players had to “find Jensen and Jared’s balls” which are shown in the video below, however, because it was a difficult, the item was removed and Misha took the chance to joke about it.

ITEM 126: Apparently Item #126, the one in which you are charged with finding Jared and Jensen’s golf balls is not going well. Now, granted, these are jared and jensen’s balls, so one would expect them to be quite hard to find. But it seems their balls are leaving a tremendous number of people unsatisfied as well. (To make matters worse, the owners of the quarry in BC have also installed a “no trespassing” sign since the hunt started and several bears have been spotted there by gishers as well.) So… I’m suspending this item. However, there will be a replacement item soon wherein you will be seeking out my golf balls, (which have never left an unsatisfied customer yet.) Also, if you have already completed item #126, you will be able to submit your photo of Jared and Jensen’s ball(s) for the new item and get full credit. The new item will be assigned the same number of points.

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