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Jensen at Out Youth Glitz Gala

Last Saturday, on November 16th, Jensen attended Glitz Gala, an event hosted by Out Youth which supports youth of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Both him and Danneel were at the gala in Austin representing Family Business Beer Company.

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Supernatural wins REEL Thanksgiving Challenge

Supernatural crew participated in REEL Thanksgiving Challenge again this year, as we have announced, in order to raise funds to Greater Vancouver Food Bank. This week it was known that they won the challenge, being the group who raised more funds in a total of $47450 in 10 days. The organizers visited the set and gave them a small gift as you can see in the following photos.

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Jensen joins Reel Thanksgiving Challenge

This year, Supernatural crew is participating again in The REEL Thanksgiving Challenge which aims to raise funds to Greater Vancouver Food Bank. One of last year’s challenges in which Jensen took part, consisted in throw pies at each other. This year, Jensen wore his red gym teacher suit that Dean Winchester wore on Season 4 and joined the campaign where other crew members dressed up and got wet. The donations can be sent here.

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Fans donate more than 200k dolars with “End Of The Road” t-shirt

During the weekend of September 13th, the day when it is celebrated Supernatural Day because it was the day the show premiered in 2005, HotTopic joined Random Acts to sell the End of The Road t-shirt. During that weekend, all profits from the sells of that t-shirt went to Random Acts who will use the raised funds to help the victims of hurricane Dorian.

Jensen and Misha published on their social networks thanking the donations and announced they raised a total of $280 000. The t-shirt can still be ordered here but the fundraising is closed.

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Jensen supports fundraising to Ride to Conquer Cancer

In the last decade, Jensen and Jared have been supporting one of the assistant directors of Supernatural, Kevin Parks, on his participation at Ride to Conquer Cancer. Every year some Supernatural crew members get together to participate in a bicycle run honoring the executive producer Kim Manners, who died from cancer some years ago, and promote a fundraising to help associations fighting against cancer.

In the last few years, some autographed shirts were put into auction and this year a photo of Jensen, Jared and Misha wearing the shirts was released.

The donations are being accepted here and all proceeds go to BC Cancer Foundation for cancer research, treatment and services.

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Jensen and Danneel support LA Fire Department

Jensen and Danneel posted a message on Instagram to raise awareness to the fire season in Los Angeles, showing a way to send donations.

Although I don’t live in L.A. anymore, it still plays a very big role in my life. With fire season upon us and predicted to be worse than last year…I wanted to show support to the heroes who have been and will be on the front lines. Join me in showing your support by grabbing your LAFD gear at 😎😎👩‍🚒👩‍🚒

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Jensen will play on a charity soccer match

Jensen and Jared were invited to play on a charity soccer match hosted by the team Vancouver Whitecaps FC on September 14th. They will join other celebrities as Jacob Tremblay and actors from The 100, Riverdale, Siren and A Million Little Things.

The game will take place at BC Place in Vancouver and the tickets can be bought here.

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Visit to charity for The Birthday Party Project

As announced previously, Jensen and Danneel were raising money to help The Birthday Party Project which organizes birthday parties to children in need. Besides that, they celebrated their birthday on March 18th with a visit to the charity The Salvation Army in Austin. You can find below the photos of that visit.

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Jensen and Danneel create a fundraiser for their birthday

Jensen and his wife Danneel created today a fundraiser following Jensen’s birthday which was March 1st and Danneel’s which will be March 18th. The proceeds go to The Birthday Party Project, which hosts monthly birthday parties at shelters to celebrate children living in homeless and transitional living facilities.

On March 18th they will visit a local shelter where they will celebrate the birthday with the children. The donations can be done through this link, and help them reach their goal which is $40 000.

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