Jensen talks about education in racial inequality

In the last days, racial issues have been discussed in different points of the world, mainly in USA, after George Floyd murder. Jensen and Danneel have been sharing material to support the movement Black Lives Matter. More recently, Jensen left a message about the importance of education about racial issues during childhood, sharing a photo of his daughters. Below you can find additional information the Ackles couple has shared.

So many amazing sources of education have flooded SM, from books to articles to videos and stories. It’s important to continue to listen and learn as adults. Meanwhile, as a father of three young children…I not only want to further educate myself on inequality, prejudicial injustice and overall race issues, but also source the tools that will help me educate my kids on these topics. We don’t wait for our children to ask us to read…we provide those learning opportunities in advance. Why wouldn’t we do the same when it comes to race. If children can learn racism…they can learn anti-racism. The one they learn…is on us. In an effort not to flood you with a laundry list of material, I found one article that spoke to me and provided suggestions of additional articles and books. (Link in bio). We can do better. We must do better. *Zeppelin not pictured…Oddly enough he’s a bit camera shy. #blacklivesmatter

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Jensen helps at Family Business Beer Company

The brewery Family Business Beer Company started to produce beer cans and Jensen has been helping in the production. Jensen appears at the end of the second video below.

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New Supernatural episodes return this Fall

The transmission of new Supernatural episodes was suspended two months ago for an indefinite period of time due to COVID-19 pandemic. Today The CW shared a new poster and announced that the remaining 7 episodes of the last season of the show will air this Fall.

For now, there is no scheduled date for the episodes return but they are scheduled to air on Thursdays again after 8pm.


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Photos and videos of Ackles family on Mother’s Day

Most of the countries celebrated Mother’s Day this last Sunday. Both Jensen and Danneel shared photos and videos of their children with messages, which you can find below.

@jensenackles: “As another Mother’s Day comes and goes…I once again can’t seem to find the words of love and appreciation for all that you do to keep this family strong. Maybe the words don’t exist. But like JDM said…We will continue to look for them. Happy Mother’s Day @danneelackles512 today and everyday. We are so lucky and blessed to have you at the controls. And to all the mothers out there…thank you. 🙏🏼❤️ 🌎”

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Fundraising “Art for Assistants” with new photos from photoshoot

The photograph Maarten de Boer did several photoshoots with Supernatural cast over the last few years for TV Guide. The last one was last year during Comic Con where he had Jensen, Jared, Misha and Alex. A few days ago, he joined the campaign Art for Assistants which aims to support photography professionals who no longer have the opportunity to work due to the pandemic and the crisis.

In Maarten’s case, he is offering print copies of a group photo from 2019 photoshoot to the 100 fans who donate 100$. Additionally, each person can choose an extra photo, a never seen before individual shoot of Jensen, Jared or Misha. More information here.

While promoting this campaing, the photograph shared two new photos which can been seen below.

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Jensen and Danneel share challenges about bricolage

Jensen and Danneel have been doing changes to their house during this quarantine. A few days ago, Danneel shared what was a challenge to the couple: apply wallpaper.

@danneelackles512: Okay. We did it, and both lived to tell about it. I will say, if you want to test your marriage during a pandemic quarantine, apply a wall mural together and see what happens. On a final note may I also suggest purchasing a wallpaper smoothing tool. We did not. Mistake. #marriageduringquarantine

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New photos from old photoshoot

The photograph Jon McKee shared some photos, which were never seen before, from a photoshoot he did with Jensen in the late 90s/early 00s. There is a possibility he will release more photos soon.

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Photos of Jensen’s kids on Earth Day

Danneel, Jensen’s wife, published two photos of their children celebrating Earth Day while they were taking a walk and checking their plants.

@danneelackles512: Happy Earth Day! Taking a walk in our neighborhood or watching our baby hop plants grow 🌱 these have become the highlights of our days in quarantine. ☀️ The warmth of the sunlight feels more healing, 🌬 the wind more refreshing and grass more grounding. 🌿Mother Nature is reminding us of her great beauty and restorative powers. Everyday should be Earth Day. #earthmatters #earthday

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