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After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

Photos and videos at “Legends & Stars” soccer match

Jensen was part of a charity soccer match organized by Vancouver’s Whitecaps FC this Saturday. As we announced, Jared was supposed to attend too but he had the cancel his participation and only Jensen joined the other celebrities at the game Legends & Stars.

You can find below some photos and videos.

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Videos from 2016 Saturn Awards ceremony

In 2016, Jensen and Jared attended the cerimony of Saturn Awards to present an award (Dan Curtis Legacy Award) to Eric Kripke.

At the time, the cerimony was not transmitted to the public and only photos and videos from the red carpet were available. This year, the organization decided to make the cerimony public and they released the videos from previous cerimonies. You can watch below the video of Jensen and Jared honoring Eric Kripke.

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Promotional poster, still and video of season 15

The first promotional materials of Supernatural season 15 were released. You can find below a promotional still from the first episode released by Entertainment Weekly, the poster and the promotional video of the season. Premieres October 10th on The CW.

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Jensen at Slipknot’s concert

Jensen went yesterday to a Slipknot‘s concert in Austin with his brother-in-law Gino Graul and his friend Steve Carlson. You can find below a photo and some videos they shared on social networks.

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2019 VanCon videos

You can watch below the videos from last weekend’s Supernatural convention in Vancouver. Jensen joined Saturday’s concert again this time where he sang Bryan Adams’ Heaven and Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats’ S.O.B..

You can watch the videos of all Supernatural conventions on our video gallery!

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Behind the scenes video at makeup trailer

The makeup crew of Supernatural posted a video showing the trailer where they use to prepare the actors for their scenes. Jensen shows up in some parts of the video, including at the birthday party they hosted for Misha last August 20. You can also find below another short video of that party.

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Photos with family in New Orleans

Danneel shared new photos of Jensen and their children in New Orleans and a new video of Zeppelin.

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Interviews at TCA Press Tour and other videos

Two of the interviews with Jensen and Jared at The CW Summer TCA Press Tour were released and can be watched below.

You can also watch below Jensen crashing the interview with Arrow cast, Stephen Amell and David Ramsey (minutes 0:20 to 1:00), and other videos of the event.

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Transformation for filming and behind the scenes of 15.04

Jensen published on his Instagram some photos and videos of the annual transformation from Jensen at hiatus to Dean.

Some new videos and photos from behind the scenes of the first filmed episode were also released, some of them only available on this website.

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