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Jensen and Jared at a hockey game

Jensen and Jared went with some friends to Vancouver Canucks hockey game last December 3 in Rogers Arena. Some photos were shared, including some of fans who had the chance to take photos with them. During the break, one scene of Supernatural was transmitted in the stadium screen and at the end they filmed them at the audience, where we can see Jensen seated a few seats away from Jared.

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Behind the scenes of episode 15.07 and Dean Winchester’s musical moment

Some photos and videos from the filming of last Supernatural episode were released. An old friend of Jensen, Christian Kane, starred on the episode and it included a musical moment. Below you can find the photos and watch the moment when they both sang Good Ol’ Boys‘s Waylon Jennings with some crew members of Supernatural.

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Debut album of Radio Company already available

The debut album of the Jensen’s new band with Steve Carlson, Radio Company, which is called Volume One is now available in all digital platforms.

The album includes 10 songs and it can be bought or listened to on Spotify, iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play, Tidal and Deezer.

“As you listen through the album, you’ll notice it’s a pretty wide range of music styles,” Ackles tells EW. “Steve was like, ‘This album is anywhere from Motown to Metallica.'”

It all stems from the pair’s many different musical influences. “You get some soul, you get some heavy rock, you get some singer-songwriter, and you get some cool, laid-back stoner music,” he says of the album, which is titled Vol. 1. “It checked a lot of boxes for me. That was a better representation of us as songwriters and our music tastes because I like to listen to different stuff. And if I can listen to different stuff on the same album, then that would be great.”


Some videos and photos taken when they were recording and writing the songs for the album have been published and Danneel also left a message dedicated to her husband. The band also shared that they are already working on the next album.

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