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2004 – The Plight Of Clownana

Written by: Chris Dowling
Directed by: Chris Dowling, Jensen Ackles (assistant)
Produced by: Chris Dowling, Jensen Ackles
Release date: April 17th of 2004
Genre: Comedy, Short
Duration: 16 minutes
Budget: $6 000
Actors/Characters: Danny Adams (Clownana), Al ‘Boogie’ Lewis (Dildo Man), Nicole Bilderback (Katie Rosenbaum), Tom Choi, Danneel Harris (Dildo Man fan), Susan Lay, Joy Hadnott, Michael Ray Clark, Joe Gieb (Testicle), Steve Babiar (Testicle), Jensen Ackles (Jensen), Riley Smith (Riley), Kristoffer Polaha (Kris), Christian Kane (Christian), Chris Dowling (Narrator – voice)

Ishamel is a Clown-Banana, half clown dancer, half banana mascot from a store.
Life is beautiful until a pornographic store has its own mascot, Dildo Man, and Ishamel starts to think about his life and condition has Clown-Banana.

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