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Personal photos from last month’s vacations

Last month, Jensen was working at Supernatural conventions but he enjoyed his time off to visit the cities with his co-workers and friends. During around two weeks, he was in Rome (Italy), in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and in Melbourne (Australia). You can find below the photos from those vacations which were shared in social networks.

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Photos of AHBL, JIBCon, ChiCon, VegasCon and NashCon 2019

Our gallery was updated with photos from this year’s Supernatural conventions. Thanks to all the fans who have shared their photos with us!

• All Hell Breaks Loose – May 25 to May 26 – Melbourne, Australia

• Jus in Bello – May 17 to May 19 – Rome, Italy

• Salute to Supernatural – April 12 to April 14 – Chicago, USA

• Salute to Supernatural – March 28 to March 31 – Las Vegas, USA

• Salute to Supernatural – March 8 to March 10 – Nashville, USA

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2019 JIBCon videos

Jensen was at Jus In Bello convention in Rome last weekend. You can watch below the videos from the convention, including videos from the panels, the Monday’s concert and some videos shared by the Supernatural cast.

You can watch the videos of all Supernatural conventions on our video gallery!

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Photos shared on Mother’s Day

On Mother’s Day in USA, Jensen and Danneel shared photos of their children and Jensen left a message to Danneel.

@jensenackles: “It’s how you always seem to hold it down…even when out to dinner with all three on your side. You’re superhuman. And I love you for it. Happy Mother’s Day from your three toots and me. #mothersday “

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First photos and videos of Jensen at CW Upfronts

Jensen, Jared and Misha were today in New York for another The CW Upfront, the annual event where the channel announces their schedule for the following year. This was the last Upfronts event that they attend representing Supernatural, since season 15 will be the last season of the show as announced some weeks ago. You can find below the first photos of the event and the first interview available.

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New photos and videos of Jensen’s kids

You can find below some photos and videos of Jensen’s children released in the last few weeks.

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New musical project: Radio Company

Jensen and his friend Steve Carlson began together a new musical project called Radio Company in partnership with Arlyn Studios in Austin.

Until now there are no many details about this project, an Instagram page was created and some photos were shared.

We remind you that this year a new album of covers of Jason Manns should be released and it may count with Jensen’s participation.

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Jensen at Family Business Beer Co. for an Impala’s exhibition

During this last Saturday, on April 27th, Jensen was at his brewery Family Business Beer Company where they had an Impala‘s exhibition. Several Supernatural fans were there, some of them showing their cars, and shared some photos and videos of Jensen.

While showing his enthusiasm with the cars, he told the fans that after the show is over he will keep one of the show’s Impalas for personal use.

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