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After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

Jensen and Jared at a hockey game

Jensen and Jared went with some friends to Vancouver Canucks hockey game last December 3 in Rogers Arena. Some photos were shared, including some of fans who had the chance to take photos with them. During the break, one scene of Supernatural was transmitted in the stadium screen and at the end they filmed them at the audience, where we can see Jensen seated a few seats away from Jared.

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Behind the scenes of episode 15.07 and Dean Winchester’s musical moment

Some photos and videos from the filming of last Supernatural episode were released. An old friend of Jensen, Christian Kane, starred on the episode and it included a musical moment. Below you can find the photos and watch the moment when they both sang Good Ol’ Boys‘s Waylon Jennings with some crew members of Supernatural.

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Jensen and family in Holidays mood

The Holiday season is starting and Jensen and his family are getting ready to it. On one hand, Jensen, Danneel and their children went to a storage unit to pick their Christmas decorations and it seems there was a disagreement between the kids. On the other hand, the Family Business Beer Company brewery is preparing a Gumball party to start the festivities and the promotional photo is quite special.

@danneelackles512: Ah yes, the season of joy has begun. I can’t say the trip to the storage unit was magical but the tree is up, all of our favorite decorations are out, and we’ve watched Home Alone 3 times. I’d say we are off to a great start. Happy Holidays Y’all!

@jensenackles: Oh, the joys of the holidays. The chill in the air, the smell of pine, the twinkling lights…the cries of your 3 yr old son when his sisters won’t let him ride on the dolly. 😩. Tis’ the season. 🎄

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Clif and Ackles send message to “haters”

Unfortunately, fame brings a lot of downsides, including invasion of privacy which has been affecting Jensen and his family in the last decade.

Recently there were some rumours about Jensen and Danneel being separated. Because this was not the first time the couple was attacked and received criticism, like has happened to Jared and Genevieve Padalecki too, their bodyguard and friend Clif published a message to the “haters” who have been tormeting these families. Jensen and Danneel also sent some messages.

@bodyguard13: To the haters out there. I’ve spent my last 15 yrs with these two families. Seen them all grow together and stay together. To those out there that think they know these people without ever spending anytime with them truly don’t have a clue of who they are. You sit and judge these women because they’re managing a home life and careers at the same time. You make comments about someone not wearing their wedding ring, there’s millions of people out there that take it off to do many things. You judge another cause he’s never really around. Both of these men work in another country and when they get time the first thing they do is go home You speculate how selling homes is a sign of divorce or separation. Some people’s passion is to build dream homes to sell, then build another. You have no clue what hard work that is. If you’re lives are so shitty that you have to go so far as to post things about these peoples families and sent hate mail and judge them , well shame on you. Y’all really need to focus on some real problems and issues I would put my life on the line for both of these families whom I consider my own @jaredpadalecki @jensenackles @danneelackles512 @nowandgen ( I apologize for my grammar , a scholar I am not )

@jensenackles: To those few out there that create these false narratives to entertain themselves…you’re bullies. This is bullying. Be better than that.

@danneelackles512: This needed to be said. For those who say just ignore the evil-doers- I wish we could. However, these false narratives have given some people the incentive they needed to threaten the security of my family. So now I am forced to have a company monitor and report on them to protect my children. For the bullies out there who do these things.. we see you, and you can’t hide behind an anonymous user name. You are leaving a trail. Most importantly you are hurting people that don’t deserve to be hurt…. my family

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Photos of twins birthday and Zeppelin cooking

In the last few days, several photos of Jensen and his family were shared.

Today Jensen and Danneel’s twins, Zeppelin and Arrow, celebrate their 3rd birthday and Jensen shared two photos of them.

And, as promised, Danneel published some photos of Jensen cooking with Zeppelin following one of the recipe from Misha’s new book, The Adventurous Eaters Club, and also shared a family photo on Thanksgiving.

@jensenackles: Happy Birthday to my little animals. 3 years of laughter, tears and loads of diapers (of which I only changed some TBH). Wouldn’t trade it for all the worlds. *And a special note to my amazing wife who has had to do most of this on her own yet continues to anchor this family with love and laughter. Coming home to you and our babies is the greatest! 🥳 (📷 @danneelackles512) #twinning

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Radio Company’s debut album on Billboard

The debut album of Jensen’s new band, Radio Company, was released November 8 and it arrived to Billboard charts this week. Billboard keeps several rankings and is one of the most reputable sources of music industry.

Volume One is on the following charts and positions for this week:

  • Heatseekers Albums: 1st place
  • Independent Albums: 2nd place
  • Rock Album Sales: 2nd place
  • Emerging Artists: 5th place
  • Top Rock Albums: 18th place
  • Top 200 Albums: 151st place


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