Haunted Hunk

Actor Jensen Ackles shares his spooky experiences of playing a spirit-slaying Supernatural brother

Supernatural’s one of the spookiest shows on TV, with a fresh demon or murderous monster appearing each week, but after a lifetime of watching Horror films star Jensen Ackles thought he was immune to being spooked. That was until the show filmed an episode in a disused asylum…

“That episode, Asylum, was actually filmed in an abandoned mental institute and it was so spooky the art department didn’t have to do anything to it,” he says, “It was a huge five-storer building, completely deserted and not used. We were filming on the third floor and when they called ‘lunch’ the whole crew started walking towards the stairwell, so I took a shortcut down the back stairs. So I went down it was just completely dark, and there was this long, long hallway with little light at the end of it, it was really freaky. I walked a little faster, and then I was running past all these rooms. So that was a little freaky. It made all the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.”

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1st September, 2006 Sílvia Tavares Steven Eramo, TV Zone
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Supernatural Sex Appeal

Even after a jet-lagged night hoofing lager in a British pub Supernatural’s ghost busting brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles incite out horniness. Alone in a London hotel room axm ask the Texan pair to bump us in the night like gay “spirit people”. For some reason they refuse.

Young US stars par-excellence, Jared, 24, and Jensen, 28, breeze into our plush room the very definition of nonchalant lust appeal. Even more gallingly, they’re blissfully unaware of just how hot they are. It’s hard to think about anything other than sex, so we barely bother.

You two came second in an internet poll of sexiest fellas on Tv, just behind Patrick Dempsey form Grey’s Anatomy…

Jared: You mean we were beaten by Dr. Mcdreamy?

Jensen: Hey, it’s flattering to come behind him.

There’s a joke there… Anyway, do you get hit on by many gay fans?

Jensen: That hasn’t happened to me, at least not that I’m aware of.

Jared: That happens in Los Angeles, but it’s not like they come up to me and say: “I’m gay, do me!” It’s more like: “I really like the show and my boyfriend likes it too”. I had one guy come up to me and say: “Can I have your autograph? My boyfriend is gonna be so jealous.” They don’t proposition me, but then I don’t get proportion but girls either.

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1st August, 2006 Sílvia Tavares Michael Reynolds, AXM Magazine
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2nd Hottest Young Front-Runner

JENSEN ACKLES | Born: March 1, 1978, Dallas, Texas. Latest project: Plays one of two brothers in the WB’s Supernatural who investigate the eerie mystery behind their mother’s violent death.

First big break: Days of Our Lives.
With my first big paycheque, I bought: A truck.
Favourite on-screen romance: Kristen Kreuk [in Smallville].
If you weren’t an actor, you’d be: An aeronautical engineer.
You’re stranded on an island with a Jessica. Which one do you pick: Biel, Alba or Simpson? Gotta go with (former Dark Angel co-star) Alba.
The craziest thing you´ve done for your art: I did a scene (in Supernatural) in a small room filled with 60,000 bees. Hell yeah, I got stung.

1st March, 2006 Erica Ribeiro Toro Magazine
Acting, Interests, Supernatural

Fresh Faces

Age: 27
His character: Supernatural’s Dean Winchester, a cocky ghostbuster.
He reminds us of: Brad Pitt – 15 years ago when he was still a TV actor.
Otherwise known as: Daytime heartthrob Eric Brady on Days of Our Lives.
Loves: Westerns. “I’m from Texas, [and] I would have to do an old-fashioned gun-slinging Western. Not many of those get made these days, but this is close.”
Married: Er, nope.
Quote: “Other shows scare you with what they don’t show. We definitely show it. I never know what I’m going to do each week. Like, I just got a script called ‘Bugs’ and when I got to the set, [executive producer Eric Kripke] said, ‘You aren’t allergic to bees, are you?’ I just thought, ‘Uh-oh’.”

1st October, 2005 Erica Ribeiro TV Guide
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Wolf In Teague’s Clothing

He first arrived in Smallville, all sweetness and light, to continue his wooing of Lana Lang, but, step-by-step, Jason Teague’s path through season four became darker and darker… and darker. Did he get the fate he deserved?

Lana Lang hasn’t had a lot of luck with the men in her life. For different reason, all of them have kept, or tried to keep, hidden from her. Whitney didn’t want to tell her about his dad’s illness: Adam Knight was sent to spy her; there’s something that Clark always seems about to tell her but can’t quite let himself. And for the past year, there was Jason Teague, the man who seemed too good to be true. And was. For the first few months of their relationship, Jason appeared to be one person whom Lana could turn. Their apparently coincidental meeting in Paris seemed almost scripted to turn the head of a romantic girl 6,000 miles from home, finally coming to terms with her past relationships. Of course, as Lana later discovered, that’s exactly what it was— a meeting scripted by Janson’s scheming mother, Genevieve Teague, to embroil Lana in her plans. But Lana knew nothing of this— and for a long time, Janson’s protestations that he knew nothing rang true. All Lana saw was an incredibly handsome, athletic man with a twinkle in his eyes and a capacity to have fun that non of the people she had dated in a far off Smallville had demonstrated. Their whirlwind courtship in Paris, while obeying all the rules of propriety given Lana’s age, swept her off her feet…

What Lana didn’t expect was that when the mysterious events that followed her brass rubbing in a Parisian church altered her plans, which meant a return to Smallville, Janson would follow. It didn’t occur to her at the time that it was Janson who had chosen the specific brass rubbing, telling her that he’d scoped out ‘their’ victim— Countess Margaret Isabelle Theroux, a warrior princess who “kicked lot of ass and broke a lot of hearts”— She left him a note telling him that she had to return to Smallville, and wished she had time to explain- and to her utter amazement, he turned up at the Talon a few days later, a bunch of flowers in hand, willing and ready to give her that time.

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1st January, 2004 Sílvia Tavares Smallville Magazine
Acting, Smallville

Rising Star

The Soap World Always Knew That Jensen Ackles Would Make It Big. Now, The Rest Of The Industry Is Finding Out, Too.

“There have definitely been moments over the last couple of years when I seriously thought about coming back”, confess Jensen Ackles, who left DAYS OF OUR LIVES in the summer of 2000 after a three-year run as Eric. “There have been times when I thought, ‘I want to go back’, and as soon as I built up the courage to say something, I’d get a job.” And how. Since his departure from Salem, the Texas charmer has appeared in the series DARK ANGEL, the miniseries BLONDE, is currently airing on DAWSON’S CREEK and is filming a much-talked-about pilot for Fox called STILL LIFE.

Ackles started on DAYS in 1997, nabbed a Soap Opera Digest Award for Hottest Male Newcomer the following year, and received Daytime Emmy nominations for Outstanding Younger Actor for every year he was on the show. But when his contract came up, the actor knew it was time to move on. “Even if I do go back someday, I still think it was the right decision because I’ve been able to go out there, do different things, play different characters, learn about the business and learn about myself,” he reflects.

Like many daytime actors who have sought stardom elsewhere, Ackles faced some obstacles because of his soap roots. “It was kind of hard to break,” he admits. “I definitely carried that around for a while. People would see me, and I would be ‘that soap guy’. But I think after I was able to get things under my belt, they couldn’t just see the soap guy. I’ve been able to shake it.”

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15th April, 2003 Sílvia Tavares Stephanie Sloane, Soap Opera Digest
Acting, Dawson's Creek, Days Of Our Lives, Still Life

Jensen Ackles and Ty Vaughn

Jensen Ackles: plays Eric on Days of Our Lives
His buddy: Ty Vaughn
Friends since: seventh grade, when Ty moved to Jensen’s school in Dallas; they now live together in Los Angeles

How did you meet?
Jensen: We were in study hall and weren’t supposed to talk. I was making jokes and Ty just chimed in and made me laugh and from then on…
Ty: …he kinda took me under his wing.

How is a guy friendship unique?
Jensen: I think feelings are more understood between guys. You don’t have to talk, you just know; girls want to open up more.

What makes you friends?
Jensen: Humor is a real big thing with us.
Ty: Major sarcasm!

What do you do for fun?
Ty: We sit on the couch and play Nintendo. That’s about it! [Laughs.] We’re pretty competitive, though.
Jensen: We also go to the basketball court down the street. We both love sports.

If you had a problem, would you talk about it or breeze over it and go play basketball?
Ty: Well if there’s a death in the family or something, you’ve definitely got to console your best friend.

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1st November, 1999 Sílvia Tavares YM Magazine
Growing up, Interests

All Fired Up


Birthday: March 1, 1978

You Can Go Home Again: “The last time I came home, my mom said, ‘All of your sister’s friends seem to come and spend the night a lot when you’re here.'”

The Crying Game: “I’m not a Deidre [Hall, Marlena] yet. I can’t turn on the tears. She’s amazing. Ali [Sweeney, Sami] can do it now, too. She’s been in the dumps [on-screen] for the past six months and she’s gotten to where she can just hit it.”

Truckin’: Ackles has three sport-utility vehicles: a ’74 Ford Bronco, a Chevy Tahoe and a Nissan Pathfinder. “I’m gonna send the Pathfinder back [to Texas]. My sister wants it and she’s turning 16.”

Must-See TV: “I love FRIENDS. If that’s on, I’ll definitely sit down and watch the whole thing.”

During his first year on DAYS OF OUR LIVES. Jensen Ackles (Eric) landed on the cover of TVGuide, nabbed the Soap Opera Digest award for Hottest Newcomer and garnered an Emmy nomination.

Then he landed in storyline Siberia.

“My storyline was kind of at a stand-still.” acknowledges the actor. who basically held a camera in the Titan photo lab and bounced from scenes with Taylor to Billie to Nicole. Making things worse were the roles he had to turn down because he was contracted to DAYS. But Ackles isn’t bitter about having to pass up a recurring role on DAWSON’S CREEK and a plum part in the film Never Been Kissed. “This is a great job.” he shrugs. “I’m sure doing [those projects] would have been fun, but I’ve learned a lot about the business. I’m just growing up. I’m out of high school and this is the time I’m leaning things, anyway.”

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1st July, 1999 Catarina Rodrigues Stephanie Sloane, Soap Opera Digest'
Acting, Days Of Our Lives, Interests

Squeaky Clean Studs

Cool Character: Days of our Lives’s Eric Brady
Birth Date: March 1, 1978
Sign: Pisces

Could be the next: “Ryan Phillippe. Why not? They’ve got the same cleancut looks and sexy, subtle acting style.”

Ever worn anything embarrassing for work?: “I once had to dress in skintight riding pants with leather patches on the rear end. People on the set were having a field day laughing at me.”

Crushin’ on any celebs?: “I have a big crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt, and now some of my friends know her well. One of these days I’m going to meet her, and she’s already going to know how I feel. I’ve seen her at parties, but I haven’t talked to her yet.”

What’s keeping you from chatting her up?: “I haven’t had the nerve.”

Where would you take a girl to really sweep her off her feet?: “I’d pick out a really nice restaurant and call ahead to make sure everything was right, like flowers waiting on the table. Then we’d drive up on top of Mulholland Drive [in Los Angeles] and talk.”

Just talk, really?: “Well…or whatever came to mind [laughs].”

Okay, Rico Suave, what about a girl drives you totally crazy?: “Her hair and her smell. I can’t even describe it. Just that scent of a woman.”

Boxers, briefs, or nothing for bed?: “Nothing? I’d be cold! I sleep in those little plaid flannel pajama bottoms–with nothing underneath.”

1st October, 1998 Daniela Godinho Leslie Yazel, YM

Who’s that babe?

Jensen Ackles

Age: 19, Pisces

Status: Single

Hometown: Richardson, Texas (a suburb of Dallas)

How you know him: This soap stud has been streaming up the screen as good guy Eric on Days of Our Lives. But you might remember him from the short-lived series Mr. Rhodes or his guest roles on Sweet Valley High and Cybill.

Breakin’ into the Biz: “I had done a couple of regional commercials and some catalog modelling in Texas when I was younger. But it really wasn’t until I went with a friend to an open call that I was ‘discovered'”. Isn’t that friend majorly bummed? “No, he’s not mad – in fact, he’s one of my roommates in LA.”

All the right career moves: “Acting wasn’t really something I knew I wanted to do – Days of Our Lives was the turning point. I don’t want to be huge like Tom Cruise. I’d rather have a career like Chris O’Donnell. He gets good parts, but he can still walk around like a normal guy without hiring bodyguards”.

On his Days character: “I’m sure Eric has some skeletons in his closet that are sure to come out. There’s no such thing as a completely good guy on soaps!”

Does he get recognized? “Sometimes. I went to the mall the other day and nobody recognized me. Then I went to see a movie and the girl taking tickets was like, ‘Will you sign this ticket stub?'”. Gentlemanly Jensen did, of course.

Bachelod Pad: “I live with two friends from high school in a small house in LA. We just got a dog. It’s still a puppy – a German shepherd-rotweiller mix named Dallas.”

On his single status: “I don’t have a girlfriend. I did date a lot in high school – I had two serious girlfriends. Right now I’m just busy working.”

What he likes in a girl: “I like a girl I can joke around with and hang out with, someone on the same wavelength, someone who’s smart and can be herself around me.”

Up next: “I have three-year contract with Days so I’ll be there for a while. Eventually, I want to take some basic courses to keep my wits up. I’d also like to be able to do some film work.”

1st April, 1998 Micaela Oliveira Michelle Sullivan, Teen Magazine
Days Of Our Lives, Growing up, Interests