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After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

Transformation for filming and behind the scenes of 15.04

Jensen published on his Instagram some photos and videos of the annual transformation from Jensen at hiatus to Dean.

Some new videos and photos from behind the scenes of the first filmed episode were also released, some of them only available on this website.

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Behind the scenes of photoshoot at Comic Con

There are some unreleased photos from a photoshoot that Jensen, Jared, Misha and Alex did at Comic Con. You can find below some photos and a video from behind the scenes of that photoshoot shared by Damian Holbrook, reporter at TV Insider.

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Entertainment Weekly celebrate the 300 episodes of Supernatural with a new photoshoot

Entertainment Weekly celebrated the 300 episodes of Supernatural in their new edition with a new photoshoot with Jensen, Jared, Misha, Samantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who will make a special appearance on this episode.

On our gallery you can find the magazine covers, the photos from the photoshoot with the photographer Eric Ogden and photos from behind the scenes. You can also watch below a video from behind the scenes.

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Hillywood Show makes a new Supernatural parody

After the successful Supernatural parody they did 3 years ago, the group Hillywood Show made a new Supernatural parody, this time gathering several actors of the cast and making references to the different seasons of the show.

You can watch below the video of the parody and the behind the scenes video. Jensen appears in both videos in the last minutes.

16/Aug/2018 Daniela Godinho 1 comment
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