Jensen Daily is a portuguese website that aims to inform all Jensen Ackles' fans in the world. Jensen Ross Ackles is a 41-year-old north-american actor who became known for his role as Dean Winchester on The CW's TV series, Supernatural. Jensen began his career in the fashion world and he had some projects in movies, theatre and in the music world so far.
After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

Behind the scenes of episode 15.07 and Dean Winchester’s musical moment

Some photos and videos from the filming of last Supernatural episode were released. An old friend of Jensen, Christian Kane, starred on the episode and it included a musical moment. Below you can find the photos and watch the moment when they both sang Good Ol’ Boys‘s Waylon Jennings with some crew members of Supernatural.

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Photos and videos from season 15 premiere day

Yesterday, on the day of season 15 and final season premiere, Supernatural cast posted some photos and videos. Some actors who starred on the show a long time ago have been visiting the set, which may indicate a possible participation on an episode. Be aware of spoilers on the following photos and videos!

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Behind the scenes video at makeup trailer

The makeup crew of Supernatural posted a video showing the trailer where they use to prepare the actors for their scenes. Jensen shows up in some parts of the video, including at the birthday party they hosted for Misha last August 20. You can also find below another short video of that party.

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Transformation for filming and behind the scenes of 15.04

Jensen published on his Instagram some photos and videos of the annual transformation from Jensen at hiatus to Dean.

Some new videos and photos from behind the scenes of the first filmed episode were also released, some of them only available on this website.

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