Jensen Daily is a portuguese website that aims to inform all Jensen Ackles' fans in the world. Jensen Ross Ackles is a 41-year-old north-american actor who became known for his role as Dean Winchester on The CW's TV series, Supernatural. Jensen began his career in the fashion world and he had some projects in movies, theatre and in the music world so far.
After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

Jensen at Family Business Beer Co. for an Impala’s exhibition

During this last Saturday, on April 27th, Jensen was at his brewery Family Business Beer Company where they had an Impala‘s exhibition. Several Supernatural fans were there, some of them showing their cars, and shared some photos and videos of Jensen.

While showing his enthusiasm with the cars, he told the fans that after the show is over he will keep one of the show’s Impalas for personal use.

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Christmas at Family Business Beer Company

In the last few weeks Christmas was celebrated at Family Business Beer Company brewery. Several photos of Jensen with fans and friends in Dripping Springs were published, including some photos promoting their new merchandising. Photos from the brewery’s Christmas party in Austin were also shared with the fans.

Edited: Some photos were removed after authors’ request. You can see them in the following links: Link 1 and Link 2

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Weekend of promoting the vote and Halloween

Jensen was this weekend in Austin and he attended two events where he made speeches, was photographed and met some fans. Early in the afternoon on Sunday, he promoted the vote with Danneel, Jared and Genevieve and the democrate candidate for Texas MJ Hegar. Also this weekend Family Business Beer Company organized thematic activities of Halloween.

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Photos and videos of Jensen with fans

Our photo gallery was updated with several photos of Jensen with fans in the last few months. You can also watch below two videos of a fan who visited him at the Family Business Beer Company brewery.

Uma publicação partilhada por Cammi (@im.cammi) a

Uma publicação partilhada por Cammi (@im.cammi) a

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