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2019 TorCon videos

The videos from last weekend’s Supernatural convention in Toronto are now available on the following playlist. In these videos you can watch Jensen singing Lynyrd Skynyrd‘s Simple Man and Ed Sheeran, Chris Stapleton and Bruno MarsBlow at Saturday night concert. At Gold Panel, Jensen and Jared talked about the tattoo they did with Jeffrey Dean Morgan – a crown.

You can watch the videos of all Supernatural conventions on our video gallery!

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Jensen gets new tattoo at Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s wedding

Jeffrey Dean Morgan (John Winchester in Supernatural) got married with his girlfriend for more than 10 years Hilarie Burton last weekend. Jensen and Danneel introduced them back in that time and now they were also there for the private cerimony.

According to Jeffrey, Jensen performed at his wedding and they celebrated the special day with another special thing: together with Jared they made a tattoo on the wrist. The tattoo is Jensen’s second known tattoo but it was not showed yet.

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Reactions to the announcement of the end of Supernatural

There were a lot of reactions on social networks after the announcement of the end of Supernatural. Below you can find some of them, including a video of Jensen shared by Samantha Smith.

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Entertainment Weekly celebrate the 300 episodes of Supernatural with a new photoshoot

Entertainment Weekly celebrated the 300 episodes of Supernatural in their new edition with a new photoshoot with Jensen, Jared, Misha, Samantha Smith and Jeffrey Dean Morgan who will make a special appearance on this episode.

On our gallery you can find the magazine covers, the photos from the photoshoot with the photographer Eric Ogden and photos from behind the scenes. You can also watch below a video from behind the scenes.

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Ackles family visits Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s farm

While visiting New York last weekend, Jensen and his family passed by Jeffrey Dean Morgan farm near the city. They shared some photos, two of them of Jensen with Jeffrey’s son, Gus.
We remind you as curiosity that Danneel starred with Hilarie Burton (currently Jeffrey’s wife) on the TV show One Tree Hill and Jensen and Danneel were the ones who introduced the couple to each other.

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