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Jensen and Zeppelin promote Misha’s book

Misha and his family launched a book called The Adventurous Eaters Club which includes recipes that kids can help preparing. All the profits go to charities providing the access to healthy food and art to underserved families.

Jensen and his son Zeppelin took some photos promoting the book and Danneel shared we will have the chance to see them cooking a recipe together soon.

The book can be ordered here.

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One more challenge for Reel Thanksgiving

The Reel Thanksgiving Challenge, an initiative to raise funds for Greater Vancouver Food Bank, was going on for a few days on Supernatural set and they were able to raise $46000. Besides the parade with water, yesterday they repeated a game where they threw pies at each other.

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Photos and videos from season 15 premiere day

Yesterday, on the day of season 15 and final season premiere, Supernatural cast posted some photos and videos. Some actors who starred on the show a long time ago have been visiting the set, which may indicate a possible participation on an episode. Be aware of spoilers on the following photos and videos!

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