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Fans donate more than 200k dolars with “End Of The Road” t-shirt

During the weekend of September 13th, the day when it is celebrated Supernatural Day because it was the day the show premiered in 2005, HotTopic joined Random Acts to sell the End of The Road t-shirt. During that weekend, all profits from the sells of that t-shirt went to Random Acts who will use the raised funds to help the victims of hurricane Dorian.

Jensen and Misha published on their social networks thanking the donations and announced they raised a total of $280 000. The t-shirt can still be ordered here but the fundraising is closed.

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Photos and videos of Seattle marathon

On last November 25th, Jensen run Seattle marathon with his friends of Supernatural. You can find below some photos from the marathon. The donations for Random Acts reached 100 thousand dollars and the Amica insurance donated 26.200 dollars to the cause, moment which can be seen below.

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Getting ready for Seattle marathon

The day of Seattle marathon is coming and some members of Supernatural cast accepted the challenge to run for a good cause. With this campaign they aim to help feeding children from the poorest areas in United States and around the world.

You can watch below three videos where they are promoting this idea and they show how they prepared for this challenged. At this moment, they are still receiving donations here and for each Retweet or Like on the Amica insurance company’s tweet that you can find below, $1 will be donated to the cause.

The marathon is on November 25th and the goal is to reach $100 000 until then.

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Jensen and Danneel will host Soul Cycle charity classes

Still related with The Bad Idea Tour campaign, Jensen and Danneel will host two classes of Soul Cycle on September 15th in Austin. The first 114 participants to donate at least $100 to the campaign will get the chance to join the class and ride with the Ackles. All proceeds go to Random Acts and Out Youth, an organization which promotes equality. To donate click here.

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Supernatural cast will run marathon for a good cause

In the last Supernatural convention in Charlotte, the show’s cast announced a new charity campaign they will do together. Jensen, Jared, Misha, Rachel Miner, Rob Benedict and Jason Manns will run the Seattle marathon (26.2 miles) for a good cause, help feeding children from the poorest areas in United States and around the world.

This initiative was named The Bad Idea Tour and is in partnership with Random Acts and the project Endure 4 Kindness. The marathon is scheduled for November 25th and until then there is a fundraising page available. To donate you can click here.

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Hot Topic teams with Supernatural to benefit charities

Hot Topic established a partnership with Supernatural selling some exclusive items from the cross-over episode between Supernatural and Scooby Doo, Scoobynatural. In every purchase made today, 25% of the proceeds go to Random Acts and Attitudes in Reverse, charities chosen by Jensen, Jared and Misha.

The items are available for sale here.

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Canuck Place receives donations from Supernatural crew

As we announced before, Jensen, Danneel and Misha got together this Christmas to help Canuck Place, an association which helps children with life-limiting illnesses and in need of palliative care. Today the association announced that they received 9500 dollars and a camera from Supernatural crew. They also shared a photo with several photos taken on the set of the show.

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CW video of support to “Stronger Than Storms” campaign

The charity campaign to support the victims of hurricane Harvey created by Jensen and his friends/colleagues was now named Stronger Than Storms. The channel The CW, which joined them recently, published a video with some actors of their shows asking everyone’s help. Besides the associations we’ve already mentioned, the proceeds will also go to SPCA of Texas.

The donation page is still open here, with more than 330 000 dollars raised.

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