Jensen Daily is a portuguese website that aims to inform all Jensen Ackles' fans in the world. Jensen Ross Ackles is a 41-year-old north-american actor who became known for his role as Dean Winchester on The CW's TV series, Supernatural. Jensen began his career in the fashion world and he had some projects in movies, theatre and in the music world so far.
After 9 years online, our website has several pages dedicated to the actor and his fans. Enjoy all the content and leave your comment. Thank you.

One more challenge for Reel Thanksgiving

The Reel Thanksgiving Challenge, an initiative to raise funds for Greater Vancouver Food Bank, was going on for a few days on Supernatural set and they were able to raise $46000. Besides the parade with water, yesterday they repeated a game where they threw pies at each other.

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Jensen joins Reel Thanksgiving Challenge

This year, Supernatural crew is participating again in The REEL Thanksgiving Challenge which aims to raise funds to Greater Vancouver Food Bank. One of last year’s challenges in which Jensen took part, consisted in throw pies at each other. This year, Jensen wore his red gym teacher suit that Dean Winchester wore on Season 4 and joined the campaign where other crew members dressed up and got wet. The donations can be sent here.

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Interview and new videos from the charity game “Legends & Stars”

New videos from the charity game Legends & Stars hosted by Vancouver’s team Whitecaps FC, including a short interview to Jensen, were released. Our gallery has been updated with more photos and more can be found in a Flickr account of a fan who was there.

In the interview below Jensen shows up the first time at 3:45min and then at 6:45min.

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Photos and videos at “Legends & Stars” soccer match

Jensen was part of a charity soccer match organized by Vancouver’s Whitecaps FC this Saturday. As we announced, Jared was supposed to attend too but he had the cancel his participation and only Jensen joined the other celebrities at the game Legends & Stars.

You can find below some photos and videos.

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Jensen will play on a charity soccer match

Jensen and Jared were invited to play on a charity soccer match hosted by the team Vancouver Whitecaps FC on September 14th. They will join other celebrities as Jacob Tremblay and actors from The 100, Riverdale, Siren and A Million Little Things.

The game will take place at BC Place in Vancouver and the tickets can be bought here.

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New photos and videos of Jensen’s kids: The Birthday Project and others

On the last few weeks some photos and videos of Jensen’s children were shared and you can find it now below.

More recently, they helped choosing the presents to give to the children at the association they visited in the scope of The Birthday Party Project.

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Christmas at Supernatural set

The cast and crew of Supernatural did a Christmas raffle this year. Below you can find some photos shared by some crew members, who asked not to repost the pictures.

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Jared shares a video dancing with Jensen

Jared shared a video of him dancing with Jensen on set in Vancouver.

@jaredpadalecki: “Hey #spnfamily we often get asked what it’s like on set… well… here’s a little insight from tonight. Sometimes we try “new things”… gotta say… the Winchester brothers killed it. By that I mean @jensenackles And I both blew a hip.”

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