Delays on Radio Company’s new album production but it is ready

Steve Carlson gave an online concert last Sunday and he confirmed the second album of his band with Jensen, Radio Company, is ready. Vol. 2 was not launched yet because there have been delays due to COVID-19 and the printing the vinyl records, but it should be out soon.

The two friends have started to work on the third album while Jensen was in the montains of Colorado.


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Ackles family supports victims of Texas winter storm

Since last week, Texas has been affected by a winter storm and freezing temperatures which resulted in floods and power outages. It seems Ackles family is still in Colorado, but both Jensen and Danneel shared on social media how they have been helping and how you can also help.

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Creation Entertainment schedules new virtual convention

Due to the pandemic, all Supernatural conventions of Creation Entertainment have been postponed. However, the company scheduled a new virtual convention, which they called Virtual Fan Experiences, to the beginning of March. It will have a panel with Jensen and Jared and other more restrict experiences.

People from all over the world can join and the tickets can be bought here.

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Rest in Peace Tati!

Tatiana passed away yesterday due to COVID-19 complications. Tati was part of JensenDaily’s staff during 6 years. She contributed to what it is today, posted news at the website, wrote reviews and covered conventions in our social media. She was no longer part of the team now but we have never lost contact. The last time we spoke she was still discontent with the end of Supernatural with the passion she had with everything she liked. We have never met each other in person, there was an ocean between us, I am in Portugal and she was in Brazil. But we had the admiration for Jensen in common. Tati attended several Supernatural events in Brazil and she got to know some actors of the show but she have never met Jensen, something she would like to do soon. But this virus changed everything and she did not survive the complications of the disease.

I would like to send my condolences to her family and friends. This virus affects who we least expect. We need to keep protecting us and protecting others. Wear a mask and stay safe!

Rest in Peace Tati <3

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Jensen as King Bacchus in a different format for this Mardi Gras

This year’s Mardi Gras was different from the previous years, because of the pandemic as we are getting to, and Jensen could not get back to New Orleans to celebrate his role as King Bacchus. However, it was celebrated.

First, Danneel published a photo of Jensen during a meal making a toast with a glass of wine and a video of Justice Jay playing with him.

Then, a video of Bacchus Virtual Parade, an online event organized by the Krewe of Bacchus, and where Jensen showed up in a short video.

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New photos and videos of the winter vacations

Even after the end of their winter vacations, there is still new content of Jensen and Danneel being published. Danneel made a videocall with her hairdresser who revealed their vacations were in Colorado and shared a photo where Jensen shows up, which has been heavily commented because of his wild hair and beard.

Jensen also shared a video where he was filming his child in the snow and he fell while filming.

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Winter break of Ackles family

The Ackles family have been the last months in a mountain house, which seems to be their second family house. In December we published a video published by Jensen shoveling snow. A few days ago, Jensen shared a photo of Danneel painting the house and she shared a video of Jensen playing with their kids, revealing the winter break is already over. Jensen should start filming The Boys in Toronto very soon.

@jensenackles: “Easy Tiger has expanded its business to painting and scaffolding. Aaaand now it looks like my Sunday has been planned out for me. 🙄”

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