Jensen at ‘The Boys’ event + interview + participation in spin-off ‘Gen V’

On May 21, Jensen attended a Prime Video event (“FYC” – For Your Consideration) with the remaining cast of The Boys to promote their suggestions to be considered for this awards season. Besides participating in this event, he recorded a video where he talks about the show with the other actors. There is no information about Jensen returning to The Boys but, during the Supernatural convention in New Orleans, Jensen revealed he did some cameos for the show’s spin-off, Gen V, which should premiere in 2023.

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Jensen on ‘Buddy Games 2’ trailer

The trailer of Buddy Games: Spring Awakening, the second movie of Buddy Games, starred and produced by Josh Duhamel, was released. Like in the first movie, Jensen will have a short participation portraying Jack Durfy. The movie premiered in the american theatres on May 19 and will be available in digital platforms on June 2.

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Jensen departs the cast of ‘Rust’

After the tragedy and several changes, the filming of the movie Rust resumed. Jensen was part of the main cast to play U.S. Marshall Wood Helm but he departed the cast due to scheduling conflicts. However, there is no information about which projects may have been conflicting with this one. Some scenes were filmed before but the actor Josh Hopkins will be now replacing Jensen as Wood Helm.


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‘Big Sky’ is cancelled after 3 seasons

The TV series Jensen joined recently, Big Sky, was cancelled by ABC after 3 seasons. Jensen played Beau Arlen, the new sheriff in town, since season 2 finale and the future of his character was left opened at the end of season 3. We now know the show will not continue, in a year marked by several cancellations due to cuts in the industry.


Our gallery was recently updated with some behind the scenes photos of the show.

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‘The Winchesters’ is cancelled + bloopers video

We received bad news at the end of this week: The Winchesters, the Supernatural prequel and spin-off produced by Chaos Machine Productions (Jensen and Danneel’s company), was cancelled after one season by The CW. The channel was recently bought by other company and their strategy changed, which resulted in the cancellation of several shows, including The Winchesters. In meanwhile, a movement was created on social media with the hashtag #SaveTheWinchesters after the release of the following video.

You can watch below a bloopers video of season 1 featuring Jensen on the show.

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New voice project: ‘Justice League: Warworld’

Jensen will give voice to Batman/Bruce Wayne for the fourth time in a DC Comics‘s animated movie. After Legion of Super-Heroes, which was released last Feburary, the next movie is called Justice League: Warworld. The animated movie Justice League: Warworld, which counts with Stana Katic as Wonder Woman/Diana Prince and Darren Criss as Superman/Agent Kent, should premiere this Summer.

You can find below the official synopsis of Justice League: Warworld and the trailer of his previous animated movie, Legion of Super-Heroes.

Until now, the Justice League has been a loose association of superpowered individuals. But when they are swept away to Warworld, a place of unending brutal gladiatorial combat, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and the others must somehow unite to form an unbeatable resistance able to lead an entire planet to freedom.

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Chaos Machine Productions signs new contract with Amazon

In representation of their production company Chaos Machine Productions, Jensen and Danneel signed a new contract with Amazon. The company had previously a contract with Warner Bros. Television, which resulted in the Supernatural‘s spin-off, The Winchesters. According to Variety, this contract was cancelled but the projects shared by both parts will continue. The new contract with Amazon will replace this one and includes both production and acting.


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Photos and videos of the last conventions: Crossroads 6, New Orleans Con and New Jersey Con 2023

(I apologize for the absence and the delay to publish the news. We will recover the last news about Jensen in the next days.)

The photos from the last Supernatural conventions, Crossroads 6 in UK and the conventions in New Orleans and New Jersey, can be found on our gallery. You can also find below the videos of the panels, shared by the fans who were there.

  • Crossroads 6 – March 10-12 – Brighton, United Kingdom

  • Salute to Supernatural – April 1-2 – New Orleans, USA

  • Salute to Supernatural – April 15-16 – New Jersey, USA

Photo credits

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