Panel of Batman: The Long Halloween at 2021 Comic Con

You can watch below the panel of Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two at Comic Con@Home which Jensen attended to and was released yesterday, July 23. The video was recorded a while ago, in the same day as the interview to Entertainment Weekly about part 1 of the movie.

Some new clips of the movie have also been released:

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Eric Kripke comments The Boys’ Emmys nominations and first scene of Jensen

The streaming series The Boys has received 5 nominations for Emmy Awards, one of the most important awards cerimonies for television. The main nomination was “Outstanding Drama Series” for its season 2 and the remaining nominations were in technical categories (music, visual effects and writing). The show’s creator, Eric Kripke, commented the nominations they received and he also talked about his experience of working again with Jensen, sharing some new spoilers of the first scenes of Soldier Boy. Jensen also left some congratulations messages for the nominations.

@jensenackles (IG): “Huge CONGRATS to all my old friends and new friends on the cast and crew! 5 Emmy Noms!!!! Wow… you really know how to put the pressure on the new guy. 😳”

@jensenackles (Twitter): “Congrats to @TheBoysTV & @therealKripke and the rest of this merry band of misfits! After watching and now working with you all… this is no surprise. You all deserve it!”

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Jensen promotes Batman: The Long Hallowen + new photos and videos

Jensen did a post on his Instagram promoting his new animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween Part One, which is available on digital platforms since last month.

@jensenackles: “Wondering what to watch… how bout this?!?! #batmanlonghalloween”

New photos and videos of the movie and of the second part of the movie, which airs at the end of this month, were released. Don’t miss the Comic Con panel where Jensen will talk about it!

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Video of Jensen at Wild Action Zoo in Australia

In 2019, during the trip to Australia for All Hell Breaks Loose convention, Jensen and his co-workers and friends from Supernatural visited Wild Action Zoo. Some photos of Jensen with the animals have already been published but more recently a video of Jensen with a bird called Kookaburra was shared on social media.

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Jensen is confirmed to 2021 Comic Con

This year’s San Diego Comic Con will not be happening in person, due to the pandemic, but online panels will be promoted in the so called Comic-Con@Home. Jensen’s participation was confirmed for a panel about the animated movie Batman: The Long Halloween Part Two.

The first part of the movie is already available on digital platforms and on Blu-ray. The panel, which is scheduled to July 23 at 3PM, aims to promote the second part of the movie which arrives July 27 on digital and August 10 on Blu-ray.

The panel will be free and streamed online for everyone. More information will be gived closer to the date.


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Jensen celebrates Erin Moriarty’s birthday

When everything is getting back to normal in Toronto due to vacination, Jensen and his co-stars of The Boys were together last night to celebrate Erin Moriarty‘s birthday, who plays Starlight on the show. You can find below a photo and a video of Jensen with his new friends while singing Happy Birthday.

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First project of Chaos Machine Productions will be a Supernatural prequel: The Winchesters

The first project of Chaos Machine Productions, Jensen and Danneel’s production company, was revealed! The Winchesters will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester in 1972. Jensen will join the show, which will be narrated by his character Dean Winchester. The show is currently in production for The CW and has Robbie Thompson, former producer of Supernatural, as writter and executive producer. Jensen and Danneel will also be executive producers.


The announcement has brought joy for the fans but also some trouble after Jared Padalecki posted on Twitter that he only knew about this project through social media and that Sam Winchester should also have been involved in the show. In meanwhile, after a lot of attacks from the “fans”, Jared and Jensen said they have since talked with each other and everything is okay between them. The project is still in an early stage.

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