Filming of ‘Rust’ suspended after accident with prop gun which killed a crew member

A tragedy happened yesterday on the filming set of Rust, the new movie of Jensen. The leading actor of the movie, Alec Baldwin, accidently shot with a prop gun the cinematographer Halyna Hutchins and the director Joel Souza during the shooting of the movie. The accident was fatal for Halyna Hutchins who died at the hospital, while Joel Souza was hurt but is already out of the hospital.

The situation raised again the discussion about the safety conditions on filming sets. The prop guns do not have real munitions but they include blanks with gunpowder. Investigations are still ongoing to understand what happened to get to this fatal ending. This is not an isolated event. In 1993 Brandon Lee also died after being shot by a prop gun while filming the movie The Crow.

The filming of Rust is suspended indefinitely.

JensenDaily’s staff sends condolences to Halyna Hutchins‘ family, friends and colleagues.


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2021 Denver Con photos

Our gallery was updated with the first photos released from yesterday’s convention in Denver. The credits of the photos are written below each one. You can also watch the videos of the panels here.

• Salute to Supernatural – October 15 to October 17 – Denver, USA > Panel with Jensen – Saturday, October 16

• Salute to Supernatural – October 15 to October 17 – Denver, USA > Gold Panel with Jensen and Jared – Saturday, October 16

• Salute to Supernatural – October 15 to October 17 – Denver, USA > Photo Ops

Photo credits

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2021 Denver Con videos

Jensen was yesterday at Denver convention, the first convention in person since the beginning of the pandemic. The day of Jensen’s panel is usually on Sunday but due to the filming of his new movie Rust, Jensen only could join on Saturday. You can find below the videos of the two panels, one solo panel and one panel with Jared, which were made available by a fan. We also summarize some of the highlights of the day.

The Boys: It was difficult for Jensen to give a different voice to Soldier Boy. He will have a radio voice. Soldier Boy’s suit is not very confortable, it was the least favorite thing of the character for him.

Rust: Jensen dreams about doing a western since he was 6 years old. He was not the first choice for the role and so it was a last time proposal. When he was back from filming The Boys, he received a call from his manager talking about the role. Then, he did a call with the director and Alec Baldwin who presented him the role and asked if he was interested.

Voice projects: He recorded a new Batman movie while he was in Toronto.

Supernatural: The scene when Dean dies was very difficult to film for the Supernatural crew. They only filmed it twice and they needed to control very well their emotions. It was Jensen who suggested that Dean died standing. The original plan for the last scene of the show was that they would go inside a roadhouse where Kansas band would be playing Carry On My Wayward Son.

Família: He spoke about how it was difficult to be way from this panel during the filming of The Boys.

Dance: Jensen danced a bit after a fan asked, mainly one famous song from Tiktok, Applebee.

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Danneel and Jensen promote Misha’s new book

Misha Collins published a poetry book called Some Things I Still Can’t Tell You, which is already available on Amazon. A few days ago, Danneel posted on Instagram a photo of Jensen reading the book next to the fireplace. Below you can check the photo and read the message Danneel wrote and Misha’s answer.

@danneelackles512: “After 13 years we thought we knew it all… It turns out we didn’t. It turns out… Our friend @Misha is an open book with one hundred and thirty-five pages. It is a gift to see into a friend’s soul. Thanks for the glimpse and the page turner Mish. #linkinbio #buythisbookandreaditbythefire #somethingsistillcanttellyou”

@mishacollins: “Well, shit. Now I miss you two even more. Thank you for your sweet words, D. Means the world, because I know you wouldn’t say it if you didn’t mean it. ❤️”

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New project: Jensen joins ‘Rust’ cast

Jensen has a new project for the big-screen: Rust. The movie is a western, starred by Alec Baldwin and written and directed by Joel Souza. Jensen’s character will be a U.S. Marshal called Wood Helm. You can read below a synopsis of the movie and the message Jensen left on his Instagram along the announcement of the new project.

The story follows an infamous Western outlaw Harland Rust (Baldwin) has had a bounty on his head for as long as he can remember. When his estranged 13-year-old grandson Lucas (Noon) is convicted of an accidental murder and sentenced to hang, Rust travels to Kansas to break him out of prison. Together, the two fugitives must outrun the legendary U.S. Marshal Wood Helm (Ackles) and bounty-hunter Fenton “Preacher” Lang (Fimmel) who are hot on their tail. Deeply buried secrets rise from the ashes and an unexpected familial bond begins to form as the mismatched duo tries to survive the merciless American Frontier.

@jensenackles: “Been out on the range for the last couple of weeks. Dream come true. Finally my bow legs are in their element. Excited to share more when I can. #RustWestern 📸@anjulnigam”

According to a cast member, Anjul Nigam, the filming of the movie is taking place in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and at least for Anjul the filming started 6 days ago.


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Ackles family visits Warner Bros studios

Jensen visited Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood with his family and Danneel shared photos and videos on her Instagram. You can find below the text she wrote, the original post that includes two videos of Jensen in Harry Potter moments and the photos on our gallery.

@danneelackles512: “Thank you to our good friends at @warnerbrostv who sent us on the amazing tour of our new home at Warner Bros. Studios. Nearly 100 years of storytelling makes the @wbtourhollywood a serious must do! They have a brand new facility with cutting edge tech that truly allows you to experience the art of film making. Plus tons of BTS stories, like, what @annabellemovie does when she is brought out for events…. ✖️⚰️ ✖️

The kids loved every second of it, and keeping the attention of twin 4-year-olds is no joke.

For those of you wondering, YES that is Jensen voicing Harry and YES, I was House Slytherin…. Duh!

#Friends #DCUniverse #Wonderwomen #OTH #GilmoreGirls #HarryPotter #JurrasicPark and of course #Supernatural!”

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Jensen will direct episode of Walker

It is confirmed that Jensen will direct episode 7 of season 2 of Walker, the new TV show starred and produced by Jared. Jensen was supposed to direct one episode of season 1 but due to preparations for The Boys, he was not able to do it.

The new season premieres October 27 but there is no confirmed date for episode 7. If one episode airs per week, it should air on December 9.

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Jensen in poll for 2021 Sexiest Men Alive 2021 of People magazine

Jensen is nominated again in the sexiest TV star category for Sexiest Men Alive of People magazine.

The winner within all categories will be in the cover of a special edition of the magazine and the remaining winners will also be featured in it. Last year, Jensen won in his category.

The voting is open until October 7 here and the winners will be revealed when the magazine is out in November.

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Jensen watched Emmys with The Boys’ crew and cast

The show The Boys, which Jensen will join in season 3, received 5 Emmy Awards nominations for their season 2. The awards cerimony happened last Sunday, September 19, but unfortunately it did not win. Due to the pandemic, only a very limited number of people was invited to the cerimony and part of the crew and cast of The Boys could not attend. Although Jensen is only part of season 3, he joined the crew and cast for a watch party in Los Angeles. The co-producer of the show, Darick Robertson, shared a photo with Jensen that evening.

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