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JensenDaily is a portuguese fansite that aims to inform and share the latest and better news, photos and videos related with the actor Jensen Ackles.

JensenDaily was created after “Jensen Ackles Blog” owned by Daniela Godinho. The blog was created in August 10th of 2007 and had evolved as a blog, with its best year in 2009.

In 2010, with a lot of help from Juliana Maia and Rita Gordo who also had a blog named Jensen Ackles Portugal, the best portuguese website about Jensen Ackles, JensenDaily, was created. Rita left the staff later and Juliana stayed as designer.

The website was hosted by Starszz since February of 2010 as JensenDaily.Net but in August 2015 it had to be moved to the new host Flaunt, becoming JensenDaily.Org.


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