First project of Chaos Machine Productions will be a Supernatural prequel: The Winchesters

The first project of Chaos Machine Productions, Jensen and Danneel’s production company, was revealed! The Winchesters will tell the story of John and Mary Winchester in 1972. Jensen will join the show, which will be narrated by his character Dean Winchester. The show is currently in production for The CW and has Robbie Thompson, former producer of Supernatural, as writter and executive producer. Jensen and Danneel will also be executive producers.


The announcement has brought joy for the fans but also some trouble after Jared Padalecki posted on Twitter that he only knew about this project through social media and that Sam Winchester should also have been involved in the show. In meanwhile, after a lot of attacks from the “fans”, Jared and Jensen said they have since talked with each other and everything is okay between them. The project is still in an early stage.

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Video of Virtual Fan Experiences panel

Jensen and Jared were live yesterday in Virtual Fan Experiences of Creation Entertainment. You can watch below the video of the panel and some highlights of what they talked about.

Chaos Machine Productions: The production company in partnership with Warner Bros is currently working in 5 projects, one of them with someone from Supernatural. At the end of this week, one of the projects will be presented to the network and we should have some news soon.

Walker: Jensen was supposed to direct the 5th episode of season 1 but due to the the preparation of the suit for the new role of Jensen (Soldier Boy) they had to cancel it.

The Boys: No new details were given but Jensen is still in Colorado, so he didn’t start filming yet.

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Video of “Super Celebration” panel

As we announced, Jensen joined Creation Entertainment‘s virtual fan event “Super Celebration” last Sunday. The video of the panel is available and you can watch it below. You can alo find some hightlights of the panel.

The Boys: Jensen has just finished watching season 2. They asked him to let the beard grow and it is already bigger than he is used to. He also has received the first script and it will be an introduction to the character.

Voice: Since the quarantine started, he did some new voice projects which will be released next year. Can this be a confirmation for Batman: The Long Halloween?

Radio Company: The second album of the band is almost ready. There were some unexpected problems but it should be out before Spring.

Chaos Machine Productions: Jensen and Danneel have been talking with directors, writers and actors and they already have been working in some projects.

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Jensen gives new interview to Glamour about new projects

Jensen gave recently a new interview to Glamour Magazine where he talks about the end of Supernatural, his projects with Danneel, The Boys, the possibility to direct again and about political issues.

Your wife, Danneel, has been appearing on Supernatural since season 13. Do you two have any plans to continue acting together?

We’ve got a company now, Chaos Machine, and we’re starting to produce things together. So it’ll be a more of a producing team as opposed to an on-camera duo. That’s the thing with this industry…you never know where the roads may lead or what’s just around the corner. But she and I love that. And we certainly love a challenge.

You two already run a brewery, Family Business Beer Company, together while raising a seven-year-old and three-year-old twins. How do you work together as husband and wife versus as business partners?

Very similarly actually. Divide and conquer.

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New project: Jensen and Danneel create production company with deal with Warner Bros. TV

Jensen will continue his collaboration with Warner Bros. but in a production perspective. Danneel and he created a production company, called Chaos Machine Productions, with an exclusive multi-year deal with Warner Bros. For head of development, they chose Renee Reiff who have worked at Marvel, Dream Works and was creative executive at DC.

The deal includes the creation, development and production of new shows for streaming services, cable and broadcast networks.

Jensen’s relationship with Warner Bros. started with Smallville, following Supernatural for 15 years and his participation at DC‘s Batman: Under The Red Hood where he gave voice to Red Hood. Danneel was a regular on Warner Bros.‘s One Tree Hill and more recently in Supernatural.

“Warner Bros. has been my home for the better part of two decades. The relationships I have acquired there are some of the finest and most supportive I could have hoped for in this industry. Danneel and I are thrilled for the opportunity to continue to grow as artists and now as a producers under the mentorship and guidance of Peter Roth and the whole WBTV team,” Jensen Ackles said.

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