Trivia about ‘Covers With Friends’

After being out since September 1st, the album Covers With Friends has reached the no. 8 of iTunes charts and the hashtag #getjensentonumber1 was already on Twitter’s Trending Topics. We leave here some excerpts of last Jason Manns’ updates, where he tells us how it was to record with Jensen and what we can expect after this album.

As I mentioned before, I tried to use the guests on more than one track when I could, but the lead performances were the priority of course. We would focus on the biggest part they were singing, then the rest. for instance with Jensen, we started with Simple Man, then did his verse of the weight, and had harmonies on Wagon Wheel and another tune ready incase we had time, but we really dug in on Simple Man, so we didn’t have time for anything more than the Weight, because apparently he makes some TV show, and they were waiting for him on set. (which is why on Wagon wheel, 2 of the 4 parts in the chorus harmony are sung by me.)

As I sit here in my studio literally surrounded by mountains of CDs, shipping labels, postage stamps, envelopes, and boxes, I wanna take a quick little break to tell you guys a story. It’s actually my favorite story from the process of recording this album, and an example of the fun little coincidences that make life kinda funny sometimes.
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‘Covers with Friends’ on sale

Jason Manns’ album Covers With Friends is on sale in several online stores starting today. As we already announced, Jensen recorded two songs: Simple Man and The Weight. As Jason said, it’s important that Simple Man song reach iTunes’ Top of sales and that everyone start using the hastag #getjensentonumber1. You can buy the CD or the songs through the following stores.

Digital copy

Physical or digital copy

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‘Covers with Friends’ on pre-sale with a surprise

The Jason Manns’ covers album in which Jensen sang is already on pre-sale. Its price is $12,90 and if you pre-order it you can download one of the songs: The Weight. This is a song that Jensen already sang on several conventions and in this album he sings along Jason Manns, Rob Benedict, Gil McKinney and Richard Speight Jr. The album will be released on September 1st and can be ordered here. You can also listen to the song in the same link.

Hello my friends,

Today officially marks the start of the pre-sale for Cover with Friends!! Please let your friends, family, neighbors, random strangers on the street know, and help me get the word out! It’s available soon via iTunes, Amazon, Cdbaby, etc, but it’s available starting TODAY via Bandcamp, (link above) and if they pre-order it they get one track right now… which is The Weight (featuring Jensen Ackles, Rob Benedict, Gil McKinney, Richard Speight, Jr., and myself).  I chose this track because I think it represents this album so well. As I mentioned in my last update, there are 5 different singers, and some awesome harmonies, not to mention stellar performances by the the band (on a song by The Band) so thats the track they get now.

That being said, I do think Jensen’s Simple Man will be the first “single” from this album, and I’ve got a pretty good idea how we can all convince Jensen to make an album of his own sometime soon… hint: I might have to get you guys to help me spread a hashtag something like #getJensentonumber1 and #1 would be amazing, but even it’s not first, and Simple Man gets high enough on the charts to make a splash, I think he’d have to agree (and I may or may not have mentioned this to him already) he’d have to give the fans their very own album… More details on that later, once the iTunes pre-sale and Amazon links go live we’ll have to get everyone and their mom to download and gift like crazy at least that track so all those numbers go down on the release date, hopefully making a big splash!


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News about ‘Covers With Friends’ launch

After a long time without news, the launch of Jason Manns’ Covers With Friends album is coming close. As we announced last year, Jensen joined once more to a musical project with his friend Jason. According with the page dedicated to the project, the release date is scheduled to September 1st for now and the songs that Jensen recorded are already known among the fans: Simple Man and The Weight.

There will be more news soon, but for now Jason Manns shared a photo of Jensen and their experience recording these songs.

That photo was taken up on the SPN set in Vancouver. Like last time, I actually had the really fun opportunity to record Jensen’s vocals on set while they were filming. We rolled in to set a few hours early and before wardrobe and makeup and all that other crazy TV land stuff, we just jammed a bit! The specific process was Jensen recorded a scratch guitar track, then sang to it. We did a few takes of the vocals, but I think most of what we used was the first one to be honest. Then I took the vocal into the studio in LA and built the instrumentation around it.

When we were trying to decide what song we’d use for him we went back and forth through a dozen great songs but nothing was really popping out at us. Then sometime into the conversation (the day before we were to record!) J mentioned he had learned this song called Simple Man and he played it for me. There was no doubt when I heard it that it was the one. Not only that, I wanted to capture that feeling right there as I heard it. It was an intimate, kinda raw performance. No drums, no bass, a very simple production just to focus on the voice and the song, because it’s such a great song. We did of course give it some production, with some lead guitar, and filled out the sound with a little extra rhythm guitar, and for the Piece de resistance… I brought in a gentle but moving cello half way through. I’d say production wise, this is one of the songs I’m most proud of on the album. J really nailed it, of course, and I’m positive you guys are gonna love it.

It was kind of a crazy coincidence as well, because by now I’m sure all of you have seen the season finale of Season 11, which they were filming then. (if not spoiler alert!) Dean’s mom makes a poignant appearance in the episode. Of course this song starts off “Momma told me, when I was young” and the whole song is about advice the singer got from his mom. Needless to say, it added quite a bit to the song in my opinion. He actually filmed the scenes with his (Dean’s) mom the same day we recorded that song. So in keeping with the close ties this song has with his character, and the crazy coincidences that occurred… there is a little SPN surprise included on the track that I think is awesome. and I’ll tell that story in a later update. I don’t wanna give away all the fun stuff at once!

I’ll also include a snippet of the audio of that track when i tell the fun story, come to think of it there’s actually 2 fun stories, as we are close to finishing with the masters, I’ll wait because I want it to sound perfect when you hear it for the first time!



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New project confirmed: Covers with Friends

As we announced earlier Jensen’s friend, Jason Manns, will record a new album named Covers with Friends. This project will be similar to Christmas with Friends but with a different theme. Yesterday Jensen was confirmed as the 2nd guest to the album, joining Robert Benedict.

It’s happening a fundraising to help them and there are some offers to certain amounts. If you want to donate click here.

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New possible musical project

Jason Manns started a fundraiser for a new musical project for which he will invite his friends, as happened for Christmas with Friends. The name of this album will be Covers with Friends, it will contain covers but this time they won’t be christmas songs. The only confirmed guest is Robert Benedict but there are good chances of Jensen joining the project.

For more information and to help this project to go forward, click here.

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