Jensen and Supernatural cast had a plane incident

During their flight from Vancouver to Las Vegas for last weekend’s convention, the airplane where Jensen and some Supernatural cast members were had an incident. The story was told by Misha Collins and Richard Speight Jr. who were also on the plane.

The plane were they were was Jared’s private jet (who was not on board), a Dassault Falcon 50 plane. One of the three motors of the plane exploded during the flight and they had to do an emergency landing in Vancouver.

Aparently, all passengers started to send messages to their families and Jensen stayed calm. However, after landing, he confessed “I’m never flying again”. At the end, they had to catch a commercial flight to Las Vegas, after talking with their families who encouraged them to continue with their plans. With the current situation of COVID-19, Jensen was photographed with a mask on the plane.

You can hear Misha and Richard telling the story here and here.

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Photos of twins birthday and Zeppelin cooking

In the last few days, several photos of Jensen and his family were shared.

Today Jensen and Danneel’s twins, Zeppelin and Arrow, celebrate their 3rd birthday and Jensen shared two photos of them.

And, as promised, Danneel published some photos of Jensen cooking with Zeppelin following one of the recipe from Misha’s new book, The Adventurous Eaters Club, and also shared a family photo on Thanksgiving.

@jensenackles: Happy Birthday to my little animals. 3 years of laughter, tears and loads of diapers (of which I only changed some TBH). Wouldn’t trade it for all the worlds. *And a special note to my amazing wife who has had to do most of this on her own yet continues to anchor this family with love and laughter. Coming home to you and our babies is the greatest! 🥳 (📷 @danneelackles512) #twinning

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Interviews at TCA Press Tour and other videos

Two of the interviews with Jensen and Jared at The CW Summer TCA Press Tour were released and can be watched below.

You can also watch below Jensen crashing the interview with Arrow cast, Stephen Amell and David Ramsey (minutes 0:20 to 1:00), and other videos of the event.

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Photos of Jensen at TCA Press Tour 2019

Last Sunday, August 4, Supernatural cast attended the annual summer event to present The CW shows to the press: The CW Summer TCA Press Tour. You can find below the first high quality photos from the panel, the after party and the new photoshoot they did.

• The CW Summer TCA Press Tour, Party – August 3 – Beverly Hills, USA

• The CW Summer TCA Press Tour, Panel – August 4 – Beverly Hills, USA

• The CW Summer TCA Press Tour, Press – August 4 – Beverly Hills, USA

• The CW Summer TCA Press Tour, After Party – August 4 – Beverly Hills, USA

• Photoshoot > TCA Press Tour – August 4

• Photoshoot > TCA Press Tour [BTS] – August 4

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First photos and videos of Jensen at CW Upfronts

Jensen, Jared and Misha were today in New York for another The CW Upfront, the annual event where the channel announces their schedule for the following year. This was the last Upfronts event that they attend representing Supernatural, since season 15 will be the last season of the show as announced some weeks ago. You can find below the first photos of the event and the first interview available.

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