Video recording ‘Quarter To’ song of Radio Company

Radio Company released a video of Jensen and Steve recording the song Quarter To of their new album. The album is already available on digital platforms and in CD on the official website. Regarding the vinyl, there is still no information about it.

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New album of Radio Company in the Top, new video and message of Jensen

The new album of Jensen’s band, Radio Company, was released yesterday and it is already in the top of iTunes: number 1 of Rock Albums and number 3 of Overall Albums. Jensen posted a video on Instagram thanking the fans. In the video, he shows up with a large beard and wearing a mask while walking around Toronto.

Besides that, with the release of the album, they also released a new video of the recording of the song Dead to Rights. The album is available on all digital platforms and on CD, which can be ordered through the official website.

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New merchandising and CD of Radio Company are now available

The new album of the band of Jensen with Steve Carlson, Radio Company, will be released on May 7th. The merchandising of the new album is already available for purchase on the band’s website and the double CD, which will contain songs of the two albums, can also be ordered.

Besides the song City Grown Willow that was released with a videoclip, the song Quarter To can also be listened to in full in all digital platforms.

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Radio Company’s new album in pre-order with preview of new song

Radio Company‘s new album, Vol. 2, is now in pre-order on iTunes (Apple Music). One of the new songs of the album, named Quarter To, can also be listened to in the platform and in the short video below which was posted in social media.

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New videoclip: City Grown Willow

Radio Company released today the official videoclip of a song of the new album of the band, Vol.2. The song is called City Grown Willow and the videoclip was filmed in Colorado mountains where Jensen has been with his family and where Steve Carlson visited him.

You can find below the video and the screencaptures of it on our gallery.

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Release date of Vol. 2 of Radio Company was revealed

Today Radio Company, the band of Jensen with his friend Steve Carlson, announced the released date their second album, Vol. 2. The album will be released on May 7th on digital platforms and will be available for order in vinyl and CD. The CD, which was awaited for many fans, will feature both albums. Below you can find the video of the announcement, which includes a preview of the new songs, and the photo that was released yesterday to promote the announcement.

For now, they have not released the links for pre-order of the vinyl or the CD. Stay tuned for more news.

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Delays on Radio Company’s new album production but it is ready

Steve Carlson gave an online concert last Sunday and he confirmed the second album of his band with Jensen, Radio Company, is ready. Vol. 2 was not launched yet because there have been delays due to COVID-19 and the printing the vinyl records, but it should be out soon.

The two friends have started to work on the third album while Jensen was in the montains of Colorado.


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Video of “Super Celebration” panel

As we announced, Jensen joined Creation Entertainment‘s virtual fan event “Super Celebration” last Sunday. The video of the panel is available and you can watch it below. You can alo find some hightlights of the panel.

The Boys: Jensen has just finished watching season 2. They asked him to let the beard grow and it is already bigger than he is used to. He also has received the first script and it will be an introduction to the character.

Voice: Since the quarantine started, he did some new voice projects which will be released next year. Can this be a confirmation for Batman: The Long Halloween?

Radio Company: The second album of the band is almost ready. There were some unexpected problems but it should be out before Spring.

Chaos Machine Productions: Jensen and Danneel have been talking with directors, writers and actors and they already have been working in some projects.

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New podcast ‘Inside of You’ with Jensen: pandemic, Impala, Radio Company and Harry Potter

As we announced, Jensen recorded a new episode for Michael Rosenbaum‘s Inside of You podcast. The podcast was published today with a video version. As you will be able to watch and hear, the podcast was recorded during the quarantine Jensen did at the beginning of August in Vancouver before starting filming the last episodes of Supernatural. During around 1 hour and a half, Jensen and his old friend talked about the pandemic and some curious topics. You can watch the video with the podcast below and some highlights of what we found more interesting. The episode can also be listened to in iTunes or Spotify.

Confirming what we posted yesterday, Jensen told Michael he will keep one of the Impalas of the show. The podcast could have brought the breaking news if it was released before the press release. Here he revealed more details. Jensen had been talking about keeping the Impala with the production for about two years and in this last year they added that to the contract. As we told you, there are several cars which were used to film the show. They offered one to Jared and at the time of the podcast Jensen did not know whether he had accepted it or not. Jensen will keep the main car, the one they call the “hero car” which, in film industry, corresponds to the one used to film close-up shots with actors. Jensen confirmed he will send it to Austin and he will add a radio and an air conditioning system, which is essential in Texas. The car will be cleaned but he will keep all the original details of the car.

He also talked about his future projects, not revealing anything related with The Boys since the podcast was recorded before the official announcement. He confirmed he is planning carefully his future projects. He does not want to do something out of what his fans are used to see, but he wants to choose interesting and challenging roles.

He revealed the origin of the Radio Company name for his band. It was inspied by Jensen’s favorite coffee shop in Austin which is called Radio Coffee and also by the fact that they wanted to create music to make you company.

While answering to a fan question, he confessed he have never seen the Harry Potter movies and he is hoping to watch them with his children when they are old enough. He has already tried to watch them with Justice Jay, who is 7 years old now, but he admitted she is still too young.

Jared is the guest of the upcoming episode of the podcast Inside of You.

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