Mateusz Adamczuk

Data: 13 de dezembro de 2014
Nome: Mateusz Adamczuk
Idade: 17
País: Polónia
Conteúdo: Texto e desenho

So uh… hello everyone!

My name’s Matt and I’m from Poland. I’ve just turned 17(actually, it happened this week : D). I don’t really know what to write in here but I’ll try to make it as great as I possibly can. Let’s get on to it.

My history of becoming a proud Supernatural fanbase member is definetely not some heart-breaking, groundbreaking or catchy story at all. It happened accidentally. While being in middle school my dear friend told me about this great tv-show she had started watching some time ago and she was so obsessed with it she couldn’t stop fangirling about it. She kind of convinced me to watch it one day but with every single month passed I was forever leaving it in time. Then, at the end my last year at middle school I went through a really hard time in my life. Things I didn’t want to be ever released to anyone, have leaked like 21st century music online. Someone I really care for had found out about things that were never supposed to be uncovered and I felt ashamed of that and practically overwhelmed by all that weird situation. I did some things under someone’s control and I completely lost my mind and my own self back then and I just felt like my whole life had been turned upside down. So, I needed a little relief. Something that would keep my thoughts away from any difficulties and problems. And that’s how I began watching Supernatural. At first, I watched it with a little scepiticisim, but with every episode, one by one I literally devoured the whole series. It had taken control over my whole day. I couldn’t resist for one day and try not to spend half of the day on exploring Winchester’s adventures. I really enjoyed the dialogues and characters themselves. The plot was fascinating and refreshing as well(it still is!). Now, I can proudly announce I’m sort of a fanboy about it, so uh…I hope there’s nothing wrong about it and you are as into this show as I am.

Also, I can tell you I kind of call myself a little artist. I draw a lot and it gives me pleasure and it’s one of the most important things in my life. I even think about going into that direction in my future so I could work at my dream job doing what I’m best at and what I truely love. A while ago I drew a picture of our beloved Jensen and I hope you like it! It’s done with Prismacolor colored pencils on A4 size paper. I drew it in June 2014. If you’d like to discover more of my work I kindly invite you to visit my art page on Facebook –

Best regards,
17 years old Matt from Poland.