Agosto 2015

Nome: Hailee
Idade: 14 anos
Cidade: Brockton
País: EUA

I became a Jensen Ross Ackles fan through the tv show Supernatural. I like. Wait No I love the fact that Jensen is his own person that he does what he has to do to get through life . I Also like the fact that he’s so halarious. And just straight up amazing I have always been a fan of his well ever since 2005 when he stared in my favorite tv show Supernatural. I absolutely adore his work, and just him in General. I would go through extreme mesures just to see him. Well actually I already have went to extreme mesures just to see him. I had once fought a guard just to get into a supernatural convention to see him. For me being a jensen ackles fan isn’t only loving the actor himself but knowing everything about him … I literally have a handwritten book that I made that has all his personal information in it all his likes and dislikes and so on so forth.