Julho 2014

Nome: Helen Horton
Idade: 51 anos
Cidade: Chelsea, Alabama
País: EUA

Omgosh..I became a fan 4 years ago or so and have come to appreciate Jensen Ackles more every year in every way. My daughter introduced me to Supernatural but I am Jensen’s biggest fan because 1) He is a superb actor 2) His chemistry with Jarod is so obvious on TV and makes the show irresistible. 3) I know enough about his life to know he is a genuinely good man. 4) He obviously appreciates his fans as shown on countless videos of conventions and interviews. 5) He is multi-talented including his acting, singing and playing. As a 51 year old (going on 20) I am a single mom (and somewhat of a cougar). It would make the rest of my life amazing if I could meet him and I would continue to not only get everyone addicted to Jenson Ackles, but to Dea moon Winchester or any other character he plays. ALL TIME FAVORITE ACTOR:)