Personal photos from last month’s vacations

Last month, Jensen was working at Supernatural conventions but he enjoyed his time off to visit the cities with his co-workers and friends. During around two weeks, he was in Rome (Italy), in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) and in Melbourne (Australia). You can find below the photos from those vacations which were shared in social networks.

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Photos and videos of Seattle marathon

On last November 25th, Jensen run Seattle marathon with his friends of Supernatural. You can find below some photos from the marathon. The donations for Random Acts reached 100 thousand dollars and the Amica insurance donated 26.200 dollars to the cause, moment which can be seen below.

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Getting ready for Seattle marathon

The day of Seattle marathon is coming and some members of Supernatural cast accepted the challenge to run for a good cause. With this campaign they aim to help feeding children from the poorest areas in United States and around the world.

You can watch below three videos where they are promoting this idea and they show how they prepared for this challenged. At this moment, they are still receiving donations here and for each Retweet or Like on the Amica insurance company’s tweet that you can find below, $1 will be donated to the cause.

The marathon is on November 25th and the goal is to reach $100 000 until then.

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Supernatural cast will run marathon for a good cause

In the last Supernatural convention in Charlotte, the show’s cast announced a new charity campaign they will do together. Jensen, Jared, Misha, Rachel Miner, Rob Benedict and Jason Manns will run the Seattle marathon (26.2 miles) for a good cause, help feeding children from the poorest areas in United States and around the world.

This initiative was named The Bad Idea Tour and is in partnership with Random Acts and the project Endure 4 Kindness. The marathon is scheduled for November 25th and until then there is a fundraising page available. To donate you can click here.

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Fundraising for Covers with Friends IV

After the success of Christmas with FriendsCovers with Friends and Recovering with Friends albums, Jason Manns launched a new fundraising project to make a new album with friends. Due to family reasons, Jason will only go through with the project if more than $40 000 are donated so he can cover all the production expenses.

There is also the possibility to have non-cover songs on the album and, of course, that one of the guests to be Jensen.

The donations can be sent to him here.

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Jason Manns reveals details about ‘Recovering With Friends’

Jason Manns gave recently an interview for Hypable‘s website where he talked about his songs of the  new album called Recovering With Friends. Three tracks of these album include a participation of Jensen and told how it is to record with him.

Steve Miller Band ft. Jensen Ackles – ‘The Joker’

The first song called ‘The Joker’ was described as a kind of ‘throwback’for the first time they sang together, which was ‘Crazy Love’ by Van Morrison.  It’s a song considered a classic and there’s no way how to not like it . Jensen act comes in in the second verse.

The Band ft. Jensen Ackles, Mark Pellegrino, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight, Jr. – ‘Up on Cripple Creek’

As Jason as revealed, the main problem of this project was the busy schedules of the actors. Taking into account, their schedule’s it was almost impossible to have all of them, at the same time, place and studio to record. So what happened was that during 9 months which was the time taken to record this one, they did several verses with each one of them and built the song.

James Gang ft. Jensen Ackles – ‘Funk 49’

The singer told that he loves the public reaction to Jensen’s voice. He found out his talent, back then 16 years ago when they first met. Jensen’s type of music is rock  & roll, and Jason was ansious to explore it with him in this album. The expetactions were excedeed after the record of ‘Joker’ and ‘Cripple Creep’ however, was taken and they decided (after a while convincing to record something diferent and unusual) to carry out the record. So, the deal was if the song was good it would be used. As Jason admitted that the song would be good and a success, it didn’t take too many time to work with it.

Read the entire interview clicking here.

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‘Recovering with Friends’ on sale

Jason Manns‘ new covers album, Recovering With Friends, is now on sale in several digital platforms starting today. As we announced, Jensen recorded three songs: The JokerUp On Cripple Creek and Funk #49. The album can be ordered in digital or physical copy at the following online stores. Part of the proceeds from the Stands platform will revert to Jacmel Children’s Center from Haiti.

Digital copy

Physical or digital copy

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‘Recovering with Friends’ is on presale

The third covers album of Jason Manns, Recovering with Friends, is now on presale and contains 3 songs with Jensen’s participation. The album costs $9,99 and with the presale you can download the first song of the album, a new version of the Steve Miller Band’s The Joker sang by Jason and Jensen (which is also available to listen). The rest of the songs will only be available on January 19th: the second song with Jensen is Up On Cripple Creek, also with Mark Pellegrino, Rob Benedict and Richard Speight Jr., and the third one is Funk 49 sang only with Jason.

The album can be ordered and the first song listened here.

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